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a non-profit 501c3 organization helping cancer patients and teens around the world find their light. 

Our Mission.

EBLUXE CARES is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the well-being of cancer thrivers (those living with cancer) and children in underserved neighborhoods. Our unique value proposition is empowering cancer thrivers to reclaim their lives and health while also preventing future health challenges through educating youth on making healthy lifestyle choices. 


In a welcoming environment of support, we provide cancer thrivers and children the opportunity to reconnect with their true selves, nurturing their physical and mental well-being as well as offering luxury EBLUXE HAIR wigs and cooking classes. 


Our vision is for every member facing health challenges to experience the joys of being alive and defying their circumstances. At EBLUXE CARES, we are committed to empowering cancer thrivers and teens to rediscover what it means to live while learning to celebrate and love themselves wholeheartedly.


Through mentorship, self-confidence building, mental support, cancer screenings, self-care activities, and an abundance of love, we equip, empower, and encourage cancer thrivers and teens to become who and what they aspire to be


We believe that by taking small steps today we can ignite transformative changes tomorrow not only for the individuals themselves but also within their communities.

Get involved with EBLUXE CARES.

At EBLUXE CARES, our nonprofit organization is looking for individuals with a passion to make a difference, whether it's through their professional experience or a giving heart. Become part of something greater and join us today!





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