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Prevention, with EBLUXE CARES.

At EBLUXE CARES, we believe in taking a proactive stance when it comes to cancer prevention. We understand that early detection and treatment are vital in improving outcomes for patients with cancer. That's why we've launched Prevention with EBLUXE CARES, a program designed to provide preventative measures towards cancer by helping children and families in underserved neighborhoods learn to live healthier lives.

Cooking Classes

One of the key components of Prevention with EBLUXE CARES is our cooking classes. We believe that teaching children and families how to cook healthy meals is a crucial step in promoting overall health and wellbeing. Through our cooking classes, we aim to educate participants about proper nutrition and the importance of incorporating fresh, whole foods into their diets. By teaching young children and their families how to cook healthy meals, we hope to instill healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Image by Jeff Sheldon

Partnering with fitness and nutrition experts

In addition to our cooking classes, EBLUXE CARES also partners with fitness and nutrition experts to provide valuable knowledge and resources for participants. Our team of experts work closely with the community to provide access to physical activity and nutrition education, promoting healthy lifestyle choices and reducing cancer risk. By working together, we can make a greater impact in the fight against cancer.

Fitness Friends

Helping underserved neighborhoods

We recognize that underserved neighborhoods often face barriers to accessing healthcare resources and education about healthy living. 

Through Prevention with EBLUXE CARES, we aim to break down these barriers by bringing our programs directly to these communities. By offering our services in a convenient and accessible manner, we hope to reach those who need it most and make a positive impact on their lives.






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