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A Supportive Hug

Make a Lasting Impact.

Volunteer with EBLUXE CARES to Support & Empower Cancer Warriors.


Cancer touches the lives of so many, leaving its mark on families everywhere—it could be a loved one, a friend, or a neighbor. What better way to honor a survivor or a loved one than with volunteering with EBLUXE CARES and being a beacon of hope.


By Volunteering you have a lasting impact on someone’s life who is battling cancer. You have the ability to raise awareness, give hope and truly help transform lives. When you offer a piece of your heart, you receive an immeasurable gift: the fulfillment that comes from empowering others.


The soul of our program beats with the compassionate rhythm set by our volunteers—heroes who choose to donate their time and energy. We're calling on you to bring your light to EBLUXE CARES, to be part of a movement where each act of kindness portrays “care, love and support in its truest form.


We invite you, to join us in creating stories of compassion and community as we stand alongside the brave souls whose lives will be brightened by our efforts. Your story of service starts here, by truly transforming both the lives of others and your own.


Volunteer with us. Empower a life. Share hope. Become a part of something greater and let others know that they are not alone because caring is the most powerful act of all.





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